The Big Move: How to Mentally Prepare for a Senior Assisted Living Facility

Choosing a senior assisted living facility could be an overwhelming task. After all, you do not only to make sure that you are selecting the best facility to your ability, but also have to make peace with the fact that yourself or your loved one will be moving to an all new setting. senior assisted living

However, the experience doesn’t have to be negative. While dealing with the emotions of moving into a new place at such a later stage of one’s life could be difficult, the thought that it only brings a better quality of life could help in coping with the negative sentiments.

To help make the process easier for you, here are a few points to think about that could aid you with the big move to a senior assisted living center.


  1. You Would Get Help With Daily Chores

Assisted living focuses on helping you perform your daily tasks without any issues.

Therefore, if your aging or progressive illnesses cause problems in moving, comprehending, or functioning during even the most basic of chores, the senior assisted living center could help you with them.

This way, you would not have to struggle with tasks such as cooking or cleaning. You could also leave your shopping lists to the staff of the senior assisted living facility (depending on what kind of services the facility provides).

  1. You Won’t Have to Manage Multiple Financial Avenues

Instead of charging you a floating rate in rent, power, and other utility bills, most assisted living go by a flat monthly fee. This includes your rent, your bills, as well as your meal plans and pre-agreed medical costs.

This takes off the burden of managing and paying multiple bills. While it may seem like a small advantage, it does go a long way at an age where you are not able to comprehend to the best to your ability. Each step that could provide you with comfort counts, and that is why this benefit does so as well.

  1. You Can Make New Friends Even at a Later Stage of Life

As we grow older, our ability to forge long-term friendships with likeminded people diminishes more and more.

However, by moving into a senior assisted living facility, you can open the doors to meeting a plethora of kindred spirits whom you could be instant friend with. At a stage of life where your other friends may be busy or not in the picture anymore, this acts as a significant positive point.

  1. You Will Not Have to Be Alone During Medical Emergencies

Being alone at your house or even while being with a partner of a similar age as you means that medical emergencies could happen anytime. And when they do, you or your partner could be left without help under drastic circumstances.

By moving to a senior assisted living center, you can eliminate the risks involved with this scenario. Since you could have friendly staff checking on you on a regular basis as well as providing you with the required medical checkups on a regular basis, you can take assurance in the fact that you won’t have to go through such a dire situation.

Tooth Fairy, the Family Dentist – How Can a Childhood Figure Actually Help Your Children

Getting your children to take care of their dental health is not easy. No matter how many colorful toothbrushes you buy them or how delicious the flavor of their toothpaste is, they would still deem it easier to just give up on the additional task of brushing their teeth than to floss or brush.

family dental

While that approach could deflate your spirits to maintaining a healthy family dental regime, you really can’t blame your little tykes for feeling a little rebellious. After all, to their innocent minds, they are getting nothing out of the extra work than a few minutes in front of the sink.

That makes you think about how you can get them to do all sorts of chores, tasks and even their own grueling homework around Christmas by dangling Santa’s judgement over their heads. By throwing in the association of a popular childhood figure, you not only get them to behave in a “good” manner, but that behavior, through positive enforcement, continues well after the holidays.

Now, if only there was a figure such as Santa Claus who could serve as your family dentist

Except, there is, and her name is the Tooth Fairy!

By enforcing positive lessons right from the Tooth Fairy, parents have effectively demonstrated the effects that the Tooth Fairy can have on their kids and their family dental regime.

Here’s how you can emulate the same through your parenting techniques.

Tell Your Kids How the Tooth Fairy Checks on Them As a Family Dentist

While it can be difficult to have your kids listen to you when you ask them to go brush their teeth before bedtime, your orders could have altogether different effects when they come with a stamp of approval from the Tooth Fairy.

Tell your kids that their childhood hero does not only exist to exchange their fallen teeth for money, but that it actually cares greatly about the state of the teeth that are collected from under their pillows.

Informing them how brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing them regularly could keep them in top shape, so that when the Tooth Fairy comes to get one of their fallen teeth, she leaves with a smile on her own face and leaving them with a star or two of appreciation in return, and maybe even a couple of extra dollars.

Integrating the concept of healthy eating habits and limiting the intake of soda and other sugary drinks could also be a good idea – which directly comes from the Tooth Fairy’s office.

This would also be a great time to introduce your children to the concept of a pediatric dentist. By telling them how a family dentist could help them achieve great dental health, you can slowly reveal the long-term concept of visiting a dentist throughout their lifetime as their own family dental practice to follow in the future.

By introducing this concept of giving “good” teeth to the Tooth Fairy and ensure her approval along with some great earnings (at least to your child), you can incentivize the action of maintaining great dental health for your kids. Within a few years, it would gradually dawn on your kids that keeping their teeth healthy is not only good for earning brownie points with the Tooth Fairy but for their own self, at which point your personal investment of these stories and the few bucks you kept under their pillow would pay off quite well.