Custom Window Blinds for you to Get for your Home

When it comes to window treatments, custom window blinds are a great option for you to set up in your home. Compared to window shades, window blinds have a harder texture as they are made from harder materials including wood, composites, vinyl, leather, or even aluminum. The design of window blinds features slats which can come in a variety of dimensions. These slats can also be oriented either vertically or horizontally. Blinds are great when it comes to light filtering due to how versatile they are. Incoming sunlight can be filtered to specific amounts depending on how opened the slats are or be blocked out entirely when closed.

It’s often a misconception that blinds and shades are the same thing. Blinds are harder in texture and also make use of the slat design. For people who really want some privacy and be able to filter out or block sunlight, window blinds are the more favorable option. If you are looking to get some custom window blinds for your home, you will want to know the options that are on the table. Today, we are going to be going through a few choices of custom window blinds that you can choose to set up in your home.

  1. Wood blinds – If you want to add some sophistication to your home, wooden blinds can do that. The feel and texture of wood blinds is something that other blinds would not be able to compete with. Because they are made from wood, you can choose from a wide array of wood including the kind of finish. Wood blinds are often set up inside living areas due to their heavy design.
  2. Faux wood blinds – Faux wood blinds mimic the appearance of wood blinds but are lighter on one’s wallet and they are also easier to maintain. Because of the quality of composites these days, faux wood blinds can really be indistinguishable from traditional wood blinds. You can use faux wood blinds along with wood blinds and set them up in rooms with less foot traffic. Because they are easy to clean, faux wood blinds are ideal for households with young children.
  3. Vertical blinds – Vertical blinds are a great option if you want to add more perspective and dimension to windows and doors that have height. These custom window blinds are often used on balcony and patio doors or windows as a way to dress them up. Vertical blinds can come in fabric and vinyl. When looking into vertical blinds you will want to find a material and shade that can go well with your interior.
  4. Mini blinds – These custom window blinds can be a common sight in new apartments or in a college dorm. Although these window blinds are lacking when it comes to style and aesthetic value, they make it up for in functionality. Mini blinds are effective when it comes to blocking out sunlight and also adding some privacy in the room. These are a good option if you keep up your blinds a lot and they are cheap too.